Replace the grommet that connects your RV's 3" drain pipe or 1/2" vent pipe to your black-water tank with this durable rubber grommet.

For use with polyethylene holding tanks.
Durable rubber material resists rot and wear
Made in the USA

After installation of grommet into tank hole, drain pipe goes inside tank grommet and is sealed.

Customer will measure and determine where inlet will be placed on Black Waste Tank.
Use correct size hole saw bit in order to drill a hole in the tank and place grommet in hole. Grommet will secure inlet pipe with no adhesives needed.

3" Rubber Grommet used in Black Water Holding Tank

Hole Saw Needed 4"

1.5" Rubber Grommet used for Black Waste Tanks

Hole Saw Needed 2.5"


Roger Leonard

Date 8/10/2022

Great video. Could you give us a part number of the Sika adhesive you used? Thanks,.


Date 8/10/2022 12:53:42 PM

The person who made this video is on Youtube,, this is not our video only linked for educational purposes. Question: "What was the sealant you were using for the tank flush flange? Also, what sealant for the stool & vent ports?" Their Reply: "Sikaflex 221"

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