Non-Pressurized Tanks

All water tanks Class A Customs carries must be vented, they are not pressurized tanks.

Have a certified technician install all parts to prevent product damage and personal injury.

Tank must have a large enough opening for air to freely move in and out of tank, this is called "venting" the tank.

If tank is not properly vented tank will explode when filled or implode when emptied.

A garden hose is a pressurized water line, do not make a secured connection to the water tank with a pressurized line.

Tanks need to be gravity feed, this allows for air to escape while the water is going into the tank.

Our Basic Plumbing Diagram shows how an RV or food unit can be set-up using a gravity fill dish. 

Gravity Fill Dish Instructions

Basic Plumbing Example

For my application I am not using a fill dish.

You can place a larger fitting such as a PVC elbow into the per-installed tank fitting and just rest the garden hose in this fitting, Do not make a secured/sealed connection as this would then be pressurized and would damage the tank. This would then be a gravity fed fill, you can make the same type of fitting set-up for your vent.

  • Be sure to have an additional fitting open at the top of the tank to let air in/out when using the tank, this would be your vent.
  • You can cap the fitting (a) and vent (b) when transporting to prevent water from spilling.
  • Be sure to uncap the vent when removing or adding water to the tank.
  • It is best to have a screen over the vent fitting to prevent anything from entering the tank.

Can I use a water pump with the water tank if it in not in an RV?

Can I use a pressure washer with the tank?

Using a water pump or pressure washer with the tank pressurizes the water line after the water pump or pressure washer it does not pressurize the water tank.

You must vent the tank to allow air in and out during use.

Examples of Plumbing Set-ups

You will need to verify your needs and set-up, these are examples only, we build our water tanks but do not install them in these different applications.

Coffee Cart Set-up

Espresso Machine Plumbing Set-up

Mobile Bar Set-up

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