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Class A Customs located in Elkhart, Indiana manufactures fresh and gray water use tanks along with black waste water holding tanks.

great for rvs, food vendors, tiny houses, overlanding and extra water storage

Class A Customs does not carry this chemical nor uses it in the manufacturing process

Material Used To Manufacture
NSF Certified Materials - No Logo in Tanks
UV-8 Stabilization
glues do not stick to this material and easily cleaned.

Complies with:
U.S. FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 (c)3.1a
Canadian HPFB No Objection
Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
EU, 10/2011
NSF International NSF/ANSI Std 61 (sec 4 & 5)

Class A Customs NSF Letter - this letter has all fresh/gray tank sizes, part #'s, measurements and fittings, along with material tank is made from.

all tanks Class A Customs manufactures must be vented (allow air in/out during use), Plumbing Example and Fill Dishes
Tanks creamy white in color can be used for Fresh or Gray water use, great for rvs, food vendors, tiny houses, over-landing and extra water storage

One-piece seamless construction, no seams to burst Average tank thickness: .219 or 7/32" thick (just under 1/4")

tank can be placed on any side but must be braced

Stain, Corrosion and Rust Resistant

Creamy White in color so you can see waterline through tank, we recommend a Water Tank Monitor to check levels

Can I stack the water tanks on top of each other?
Can I put weight on the tanks?

No, do not place anything on the tanks, if you need to stack the tanks you will need a weight bearing shelf between them.

Custom Water Tanks

Can you make me a custom tank?
We can make a custom tank however due to the cost of a mold ($9,000 and over) and needing to buy a larger qty of tanks most customers needing only a few tanks find it better to use a tank we already manufacture. You can fill out our new Water Tank Build to get a quote.

Blank Tanks
Blank Tanks mean no fittings are installed in tank. You will need to verify the lead time on Blank Tanks as we spin the fittings into our tanks as soon as they are made.
If we are currently making a tank we can get you a Blank Tank very quickly, shipping the next business day, however, if we are not currently making a tank it can take up-to several weeks to get a tank.
You can call or use the contact us form to ask about lead times on the Blank Tank you are needing.

When ordering a Blank Tank place the tank(s) you are needing in your cart and at check-out in Customer Comments specify what tanks are to be Blank:
Part # is a BLANK TANK
All Tanks Are BLANK

Other Water Tank Suppliers
If you are trying to replace a tank that you do not see available on our Water Tank List an online search may help you find the tank you are needing.

Look at current tank to see part #
Vehicle make and model #
Vehicle paperwork listing tank information

*You may not be able to find the same tank, especially in older units.
*You may not be able to purchase from the tank manufacturer unless you are a builder/dealer.

We do not have a list of vehicles, uses or projects people have done with our tanks, please compare the specs of the tank with your application and determine if tank will fit your needs. Check with online groups that have your same vehicle to see where they have found tanks.

National Tank Outlet
Tank Depot
Plastic Water Tanks
Water Tanks

Shipping Information and Order Processing

Food Vendor Information - Read Before Purchasing

How to Fill Water Tanks

Water Tank Monitors

Uniseal Fittings & Grommets

Custom Water Tanks - Custom Fittings

Waste Water Tank Used for Human Waste or Gray Water - DO NOT use for fresh or drinking water

Non-pressurized Tank all tanks we carry must be vented (allow air in/out during use), Plumbing Example

Waste Or Gray Water Use great for rvs, food vendors, tiny houses, overlanding and extra waste water storage

Seamless One-piece seamless construction, no seams to burst Average tank thickness: .219 or 7/32" thick (just under 1/4")

Resistant Stain, Corrosion and Rust Resistant

Color Black in color so tank is easily identified as a waste tank

Made With Recycled Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) Resin - glues do not stick to this material and easily cleaned. - Because product is recycled and intended for waste use it is not tested for safety of drinking or gardening water supply.

Installed Outlet Options

3” ABS Female Pipe - outlet can not be moved
1.5" ABS Female Pipe - outlet can not be moved - Due to the smaller outlet this tank is for dirty water from shower, handwashing, dish-washing - DO NOT use for human waste

Connecting Pipe & Dump Valve

From the ABS outlet that is installed in the tank run PVC Pipe or ABS Pipe to the outside of the trailer, a dump valve is added to the piping.

Pipe is connected to the ABS installed fitting in the tank with glue. You do not need to tighten the clamp that is on the ABS Fitting, this is used when the ABS fitting is installed into the tank and does not help secure your piping, over-tightening this clamp will damage ABS fitting and tank

Dump Valves

Dump Valves do not hook directly to the ABS fittings, the ABS Outlets are female fittings and the dump valves are also female fittings, you will need a pipe to fit inside of the outlet and dump valve in order to make the connection.

We do not sell glues, example only Oatey 4-fl oz Green PVC/Abs Transition Cement

Inlet & Vent Installation Blog Post

Class A Customs Waste Water Tanks only come with the ABS outlet installed, the end user will determine where the inlet and vent will need to be placed and install.

Grommets are not food safe so can only be used for Gray or Waste Water use they are available in sizes 1.5" and 3", no adhesives are needed for use.

Uniseal Fittings are food safe and can be used for Fresh, Gray, or Waste Water use, they are available in size .5" to 3", no adhesives are needed for use.

Use correct size hole saw bit in order to drill a hole in the tank, smooth tank edges, and place Grommet or Uniseal in hole. Piping is then placed into fitting with no glues or adhesives necessary.

Some of the Class A Customs Waste Water Tanks are built with a "lip" on the tank. Tanks can be hung by this lip, it is recommended to make a shelf to slide the tank lip into.
You will need to brace the tank on all sides to prevent movement of the tank.

Brackets or Strap Systems Due to the variety of installations we do not carry brackets or bracing systems. Do Not hang by ratchet strap, this is too thin and will not adequately support tank.

RV Monitor Panels allow you to monitor the amount of fluid in your water and waste tanks along with the battery power level. Typically only one monitor panel (2 tank or 3 tank) is needed per vehicle/unit and 4 Probes per tank.

To check fluid levels, press and hold the button designated for the tank and read the level indicators on the panel. Sometimes, residue on the sides of a tank, or water with a low mineral content will give a false reading.
Check the levels occasionally when you are sure of a tank’s contents and compare it to the reading on the monitor panel.

4 Probes per tank needed

3/8" drill bit needed Measure and mark installation points before drilling. After drilling be sure to remove any burs from hole. Do not over-tighten probes.

Tank harnesses included with monitor panel. Customer will need to provide the extra wiring to run from the tank harness to the monitor panel. View wiring diagram for wire gauges ( 20 AWG / 14 AWG)