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Class A Customs Gray Waste TanksUsed for Gray Water ONLY - DO NOT use for fresh or drinking water OR Human Waste - 1.5" ABS Female Pipe - outlet can not be movedDue to the smaller outlet this tank is for dirty water from shower, handwashing, dish-washingWhat fittings will I need for my plumbing?We are not aware of how to set-up your tank, set-up will vary by each application this is something you need to research. Have a certified technician install all parts to prevent product damage and personal injury. Please view our Plumbing Category for information on loose fittings we carry.Be sure to Sanitize Tank before installing.It is recommended to use plastic NPT male fittings with plastic female NPT fittings to avoid damaging the threads, metal thread fittings can crush the plastic threads. Very little, if any, pipe thread tape is needed using too much pipe tape will damage the threads. We do not recommend pipe dope as you can not remove the fitting later, if used be sure to use a food safe brand. Do not over-tighten fittings as damage will occur.