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Venture / Lippert 5th Wheel RV Landing Gear Motor
Venture / Lippert Motor LCI PN 142178

Venture / Lippert 5th Wheel RV Landing Gear Motor

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Part Number: LCI PN 142178
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Old Part # M-PK9000/M-9000/M-9000-PK - New Part #LCI PN 142178 due to Venture being acquired by Lippert

**12 volt ONLY 110/115/220 volt such as in a house or generator will damage the unit**

Two wire installation - one ground and one lead - Reversible (reverse the polarity of the wires)

Turns 5,500 R.P.M.

Internal Gear Box Turns at 190 R.P.M.

12V Gear Box providing approximately 150 in-lbs of output torque.

Do Not Exceed Capacity Single Motor System: 2,500 lbs. per leg / 5,000 lbs. system

Do Not Exceed Capacity Dual Motor System: 3,000 lbs. per leg / 6,000 lbs. system

Clutch Protected to prevent system overloading *See Install Instructions

Output Shaft is designed to accept 1/2" shaft with roll pin (this is the industry standard)

2 Bolts included to mount motor

One Switch Per Motor Needed


Read, understand and follow all instructions before installing and using product. NEVER allow anyone unfamiliar with the operating instructions to use this product.

When clutch noise occurs, release the switch. Failure to do so may also destroy the clutch, in which case the entire power kit will have to be replaced.

Potential damage to the trailer frame may occur if legs or power kits are operated unevenly. Front of trailer must remain horizontal.

Do NOT attempt to lift or level without having both foot plates properly installed.

When cranking jack or coupling trailer, secure trailer from rolling

These landing gear jacks are designed for vertical loading. Excessive side forces must be avoided.

Do NOT attempt to adjust the drop legs when the landing gear jacks are under load.

Owner or operator must never position any part of their body under any portion of the jack or the load being supported or allow anyone else to be positioned under the load being supported. Disregard could cause property damage and/or serious bodily injury.

Do NOT drop trailer off the hitch.

Do NOT exceed maximum rated capacity.

Make certain the drop leg safety retaining pins are fully inserted through both sides of the inner tube and the drop leg tube before using the landing gear jacks.

Do NOT use these landing gear jacks to lift trailer for servicing or tire changes.

Retract jack legs and drop legs fully before moving the trailer.

Failure to follow these warnings and instructions can result in property damage and/or serious bodily injury.

Have a certified technician install all parts to prevent product damage and personal injury.

PLEASE research before purchasing to be sure this item is what you need.

Please see photos for complete measurements and compare with your application.

No retail box as these are purchased in bulk, no install instructions as they are OEM parts.

Before replacing any items please go through the following checklist

If your motor is making a clicking sound this is the safety clutch in the motor preventing damage to the motor.

This is not the gear box.

When clutch noise occurs, release the power switch.

Failure to do so will result in damage to motor and possibly other system components.

Check for binding

Your trailer legs should be cleaned and checked for debris on a regular basis. Sand and dirt will cause legs to bind.

To clean landing gear legs

Extend landing legs as far as possible, clean drop tube and inner ram tube. Coat exposed surface of tubes with silicone spray lubricant.

Coat inside of handle alignment tube with silicone spray lubricant.

Oil shaft bushing in gear box and leg gear heads with SAE 30 oil.

Lubricate gears in gear box and landing leg gear heads with extreme pressure grease.

*Do NOT open motor to lubricate as this voids warranty.

Check for damage to legs

Any damage to the legs such a bending or denting will cause binding.

Check power to system

Check that your batteries and power supplies are at full levels to prevent damage to the motor.

Check wiring connections at battery. Clean terminals with a solution of baking soda and water.

Cover with a thin coat of grease.

Check wiring harness fuse, if blown replace with appropriate fuse.

Do not exceed weight limit of landing gear system

Do not use the landings legs to lift the trailer during tire changes, axle work or trailer servicing (the trailer weight will exceed the capacity of the landing legs).

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