Class A Customs Available Membranes Thicknesses:
PVC 28mils
TPO 32mils
EPDM 40mils

Class A Customs Available Membranes Color:
All RV Roofing Class A Customs carries is White, we do not have other colors available at this time.

The installation process for all three roofing membrane is the same overall process. Be sure to only clean each material with appropriate cleaning materials, will be marked for PVC / TPO / EPDM, we do not sell cleaning products.

JManatee's & Family RVing Site - step by step photos he removes old rubber roof and installs new


Why is the roof wrinkled around all the vents and skylights?
The solvents in the 1021 self-leveling sealant temporarily swell the roofing membrane. In the warmer months it takes 3-5 days to go away & 5-9 in the colder months.

My roof turned pink!
This will happen when your roof is exposed to too much carbon dioxide, you leave the unit indoors or covered too long with no access to fresh air, once the unit is outside the pink will slowly disappear.

PVC Examples