Octa Drive Cargo Screw #10 X 3/4
Octa Drive Cargo Screw #10 X 3/4' Self-tapping

Octa Drive Cargo Screw #10 X 3/4" Self-tapping

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#10 X 3/4" self tapping (Octa drive screw)

Used in the exterior skin of cargo trailers.

Eight points of contact Rust resistant zinc type of coating

Stand up to a 500 hour salt water spray test to pass quality control.

Easily delivers 10 years of rust free protection even in the worst areas.

Ideal replacement for those old rusty screws or for that new project you have going.

A lot of people make the mistake of trying to used a torx bit to put these in but a regular #2 square bit will work perfectly. Since the drive is 8 sided the square bit will grab 4 of the sides.

No retail box as these are purchased in bulk, no install instructions as they are OEM parts

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