NewMao 12 volt On-Demand RV Water Pump 3.0 GPM
NewMao 12 volt On-Demand RV Water Pump 3.0 GPM

NewMao 12 volt On-Demand RV Water Pump 3.0 GPM

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12 Volt Power Supply Only
Part Number: NMDP33
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Model: NMDP33-G30-45-12

12 volt Power ONLY 110/115/220 volt such as in a house or generator will damage the unit

Open Flow: 11.6LPM / 3.0GPM
Amps: 4.0A
Max Amps: 8.0A
Shut Off Pressure: 45PSI/3.1 Bar

Be sure to read booklet before installing.  Newmao Instruction Booklet

The pump can be mounted at the same level or below the water tank, it may be positioned above the water tank if needed as it is capable of a 6 foot vertical prime.
Horizontal inlet tubing will allow priming to 30 feet.

Consider a dry location to allow easy access if maintenance is required. The pumps should not be located in an area of less than 1 cubic foot unless adequate ventilation is provided. Excess heat may trigger the internal thermal breaker and interrupt operation. When the temperature drops the breaker will automatically reset and pump will run again.

The pump can be mounted in any position if mounting the pump vertically the pump head should be in the down position.

The mounting feet are intended to isolate the pump from the mounting surface, over-tightening, flattening or use of oversized screws will reduce the ability to isolate vibration and noise through the lines.

The pump should be on a dedicated individual circuit protected by the specified fuse indicated on the motor label.

A U/L, CE etc approved marine duty (ignition protected) switch rated at above 15AMPS is recommended and must interrupt current flow on the positive (+red) lead.
The pump must be grounded to a known ground (battery). The ground wire must be the same size (gauge/Mm2) as the positive wire.

Proper wire sizing is required for good pump operation, if the wire is too small low-voltage will affect the pump performance and could create a fire hazard.
The total current draw on the circuit must not exceed 15AMPS. If the pump is used in conjunction with other components, overload current protection (fuse or circuit breaker) and wire size must be for the total amp requirements of all devices on the circuit.

We recommend at least 1 foot of .5" (1/2")i.d. flexible high pressure tubing to both ports. Ideally the pump's ports/strainers should not be connected to plastic or rigid pipe. The pump's normal oscillation may transmit through rigid plumbing causing noise and possibly loosen or crack components.

Installation of a 50 mesh strainer such as 51S01 series is recommended to prevent foreign degrees from entering the pump. Hex/swivel barb fittings provide easy removal if maintenance or access is required. The fittings are designed with a "taper seal" creating a water tight connection when hand-tightened. Always secure barb tubing connections with properly sized stainless steel clamps to prevent leaks, never use Teflon tape or sealing compounds on threads. Sealer may enter the pump causing a failure failure due to foreign debris and is not covered under warranty.

Be sure to read booklet before installing.  Newmao Instruction Booklet

One Year Warranty on Manufacturers Defects

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