LED 12 volt Lighted RV Assist Entry Grab Handle - Chrome Ends
LED Grab Handle

LED 12 volt Lighted RV Assist Entry Grab Handle - Chrome Ends

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12 Volt Power Supply Only
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**12 volt ONLY 110/115/220 volt such as in a house or generator will damage the unit**

Built-in LED Light

Acrylic Handle Ergonomically curved (No writing on handle, clear only - we do not carry any engraved styles)

End Pieces Die Cast Chrome Plated

Mounting Screws provided

Two wire installation one ground and one lead

Perfect for use on RV's Campers, 5th wheels, Toy haulers, Semi and Box trucks.

Clean your unit prior to placing item scrape any old putty tape/caulk off and be sure to scrub the area clean. Vinegar mixed with water is a good cleaner that leaves no residue and will not damage the item.

Make template of handle to place on your unit where desired and mark the screw holes with grease pencil.

Use a level to assure the handle is straight.

Do NOT drill any holes in your unit until you have measured and tested the placing of the handle for door clearance and grab height.

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