KIB 3 Tank Monitor Panel 12 volt - White Face Plate

KIB 3 Tank Monitor Panel 12 volt - White Face Plate

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Used to check fluid levels in up-to 3 tanks
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RV Monitor Panels allow you to monitor the amount of fluid in your water and waste tanks along with the battery power level.
Typically only one monitor panel (2 tank or 3 tank) is needed per vehicle/unit and 4 Probes per tank.

To check fluid levels, press and hold the button designated for the tank and read the level indicators on the panel. Sometimes, residue on the sides of a tank, or water with a low mineral content will give a false reading. Check the levels occasionally when you are sure of a tank’s contents and compare it to the reading on the monitor panel.

Monitor Panel Includes the Harnesses - probes are sold separate

On/Off Toggle switch for 12 volt Water Pump
12 Volt Power Supply Only

Includes 3 Tank Harnesses
Customer will need to provide the extra wiring to run from the tank harness to the monitor panel. View wiring diagram for wire gauges ( 20 AWG / 14 AWG)
The wires on the harness are only 11", you will need to provide the wiring to reach from the panel to the wire harness.

4 Probes needed per tank
3/8" Drill bit needed for probe installation

Step-by-Step Installation Help

Problem: No lights on panel when switch is pushed.

Make sure B+ wire (Red) has 12 Volt DC Connected.
Make sure Ground wire (White) is connected to panel.

Problem: Displays false reading on tank(s)
Verify that levels in tank(s) do not match display.

Swap tank connections on panel and reset tank functions to see if problem has also changed over to another tank or is still in same tank(s).

Check probe placements in tank(s) to assure proper placement and installation.
Verify wiring is properly installed, no shorts and grounded correctly.

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