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KIB 3 Tank Monitor Panel 12 volt - Black Face Plate

KIB 3 Tank Monitor Panel 12 volt - Black Face Plate

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KIB Vertical 3 Tank Monitor Panel

M21VB - Black Face Plate

On/Off Toggle switch for 12 volt Water Pump

Unit is 12 Volt Power Only

Includes 3 Tank Harnesses

For New Installations 4 Probes Per Tank needed.

Installation Help

OEM PART No retail box - no install instructions. Have a certified technician install all parts to prevent product damage and personal injury

Problem: No lights on panel when switch is pushed.

Make sure B+ wire (Red) has 12 Volt DC Connected.

Make sure Ground wire (White) is connected to panel.

Problem: Displays false reading on tank(s)

Verify that levels in tank(s) do not match display.

Swap tank connections on panel and reset tank functions to see if problem has also changed over to another tank or is still in same tank(s).

Check probe placements in tank(s) to assure proper placement and installation.

Verify wiring is properly installed, no shorts and grounded correctly.

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