Install Kit - CAC Silicone Caulk Tube & 28 Screws
Install Kit - CAC Silicone Caulk Tube & 28 Screws

Install Kit - CAC Silicone Caulk Tube & 28 Screws

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28 Screws #8 X 1" Pan Head

Zinc Plated for Corrosion Resistance

Quad Drive Lets You Used a #2 Square or #2 Phillips Bit to drive these in

Twin Fast Thread (2 threads on the screw shaft drive screw in half of the time)

These are the exact same screws that RV manufacturers use on the assembly line.

Ideal replacement for those old rusty screws or for that new project you have going.

Class A Customs Self-Leveling Silicone Caulk - Color WHITE

Must be applied above 40 deg F (5 deg C)

Store unused sealant in a cool and dry area below 80 deg F (27 deg C). Shelf life 1 year.

  1. Remove dirt, grease, moisture and old caulk. If joint size exceeds 1/2" x 1/2" use backer rod.

  2. Mask both sides of joint with masking tape.

  3. Cut nozzle to desired bead size. Pierce seal. Load sealant cartridge in caulking gun. Place nozzle into joint and apply sealant into gap. Apply above 40 deg F (5 deg C)

  4. Smooth or “tool” bead if needed. Remove masking tape immediately.

  5. Wipe hands and tools thoroughly before washing with soap and water. Tack free in 30 minutes, normally cure time 24 hours.


Not for internal consumption. Direct contact of uncured sealant irritates eyes and may irritate skin. In case of eye contact flush eyes with water for 15 minutes and call a physician. In case of skin contact, thoroughly wash skin with soap and water. In case of ingestion seek medical attention immediately.

Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm.

Safety Data Sheet

RV Roof Installation Help

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