Before you build or modify unit verify rules and regulations.

Codes vary by local health departments, not state.

We are not aware of the codes and rules.


Forward the documents and tank information provided to your local health department before purchasing to be sure these tanks will pass your local inspection, this is your responsibility.

** Kentucky Requires the NSF Logo to be molded in the tank, we do not offer this due to NSF changing the fees wanting each item certified. Tank & Fittings made from DOW NSF International NSF/ANSI Std 61 approved Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) Resin - this is NSF Approved and Certified Material. Very with your state if the same code applies.

What does my inspector need on the tanks?

Print the Water Tank List

NSF Paperwork (Ctrl +P or Command- P will bring up the print window)

Receipt of Purchase

All tanks have the part number molded into the tank, inspector can verify tank.

What to ask on Fresh and Gray Water Tanks

Size (Gallons / Measurements / Fresh to Gray ratio)

Fittings (Size / Placement / Materials)

Filling Procedure (Lockable Fill Dish / Materials)

Tank Placement (Inside / Outside of unit)

Clean Out Requirements

Water Tank Percent Calculation Examples

Multiply (fresh tank size) x 1.15 (1 . 15%) = Tank needed

30 x 1.15 (15%) = 34.50

30 x 1.50 (50%) = 45

I have only so much room how many gallons can I get in that space?

We do not recommend sizes or verbally give measurements please look at the Water Tank List located at the top of each webpage to see all tanks Class A Customs currently manufactures.