Fogatti RV On Demand / Tankless Gas Water Heater 42000BTU
Fogatti RV On Demand / Tankless Gas Water Heater 42000BTU

Fogatti RV On Demand / Tankless Gas Water Heater 42000BTU

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Fogatti RV On Demand / Tankless Gas Water Heater 42000BTU
Part Number: FS06B1
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RV Instantaneous Gas Water Heater

This product is not suitable for DIY installation.
Installation and maintenance must be installed by professional person, service company or gas water heater suppliers.
Improper installation, commissioning, alteration or maintenance will lead to property damage, personnel injury or death.
The product must be installed and repaired by authorized installation service company, Class A Customs will not be responsible for any accidents caused by improper installation or maintenance.

Instantaneous Gas Water Heaters for RV
Model FS06B1
Control instruction Manually set the water temperature, can be set up 35°C(95°F) to 51°C(123°F).
Max. /Nominal Heat Input (Btu/hr)  42000
Minimum Heat Input (Btu/hr) 20000
Orifice Drill Size 0.91 mm for LPG
Max. Inlet Gas Pressure 3.23kPa (13"wc)
Min. Inlet Gas Pressure 1.99kPa (8"wc)
Max. Manifold Pressure 1.54kPa (6.19"wc)
Min. Manifold Pressure 0.37kPa (1.49"wc)
Total Input Current (A) <10
Nominal Inlet Gas Pressure LPG 11"WC (2.74kPa)
Ignition method Automatic ignition
Applicable water pressure 14.5-116PSI

Gas inlet 3/8" NPT
Cold water inlet G 1/2"
Hot water outlet G 1/2"

Electric supply DC 12V RV battery
Rated power 20± 1W
Dimensions 380mm x 380mm x 365mm (15"x15"x14.3")
Max. Temperature 51°C(123°F)

Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance.
•     Evacuate all persons from the vehicle.
•     Shut off the gas supply at the gas container or source
•     Do not touch an electrical switch, or use any phone or radio in the vehicles
•     Do not start the vehicle's engine of electric generator.
•     Contact the nearest gas supplier or qualified service technician for repairs.
•     If you can not reach a gas supplier or qualified service technician, contact the nearest fire department
•     Do not turn on the gas supply until the gas leak{s) has been repaired.
Installation and service must be performed by a qualified installer, service agency or the gas supplier.

The water heater is simple and convenient to operate. The microcomputer intelligent control system controls the whole process of the water heater. Press the key to start the water heater and set the required temperature. After the microcomputer intelligent control system detects the qualified water flow, it starts the ignition of the ignition device. After that, the gas. Valve is turned on to turn on the gas burner, and then the user can enjoy a steady stream of constant temperature hot water. Microcomputer automatic detects entire process, safe and reliable. In case of failure, the microcomputer system will automatically shut down the gas to prevent accidents. The water heater is a forced exhaust structure. After the water heater is turned on, the air outside will pass through the air intake grille, enter the combustion chamber after the dust-proof net, and the flue gas or air mixture is discharged to outdoor automatically and safely.

1.    Digital constant temperature system: microcomputer control system, which constitutes the "computer" of the whole machine, which controls the water, electricity, and gas of the water heater in a coordinated manner, and does not cause the temperature of the water temperature to fluctuate to satisfy the user's comfort.

2.    Low water pressure startup: low water pressure at startup and easier to use.

3.    Flame-out protection: When the water heater accidentally flames out during use, it can automatically cut off the gas to ensure that the gas will not leak.

4.    Speed changing and wind resistance function: When there is a blockage of the flue or the smoke is blocked, the built-in microcomputer system will increase the running speed of the fan and eliminate the generation of harmful gases. When the speed reaches the predetermined maximum speed, the microcomputer system will issue the cease-gas and cease-fire instruction for effectively safeguards safety.

5.    Water and gas linkage control: When the water supply is interrupted or the water outlet valve is closed, the water heater will automatically stop the combustion and shut down.

6.    Outlet water temperature display: with outlet water temperature display.

7. Frost protection function: When the temperature of the water pipe in the water heater is lower than 6±1 °C (43°F±2°F), the line controller will display "Fd" character, the machine will start ignition and run with a certain load, the water heater will automatically shut down or 2S after the whole machine runs for 5S. When the water temperature in working water heater reaches 32±1 °C (90°F±2°F), it will shut down automatically.

•    After shutdown, wait for 3 minutes self-testing. When the temperature is lower than 6±1 °C (43°F±2°F) or antifreeze thermostat control stops working, it will start to run again.
•    In the process of starting the antifreeze function, when a fault occurs, the corresponding fault is reported and the corresponding code is displayed. After 15 minutes, the system automatically clears the fault code. If the antifreeze start condition is still met, the antifreeze will automatically start again.

8. Fault auto-diagnosis and fault code display function: Intelligent microcomputer can real-time monitor various safety devices, gas proportional valves and other components, find faults and timely safety shutdown. Advanced fault code display function, easy to use and maintain.

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