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Flojet 12v Water Pump 2.9 GPM Model #035261 w/ STRAINER

Flojet 12v Water Pump 2.9 GPM Model #035261 w/ STRAINER

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Part Number:12FJ

Made by Flojet Model#03526144 / R3526144*

12 volt ONLY 110/115/220 volt such as in a house or generator will damage the unit

4.4 Amp Draw @ 10 PSI

7.5 Amp Draw @ 50 PSI

2.9 Flow GPM

Max PSI 50 Pressure Switch

Built-in Bypass Less Pulsation

Self-priming up to 9 feet suction lift

Run Dry Pump able to run dry without damage

Soft Noise Absorbing Mounts

Snap–in Port Fittings - ½” Fittings included, see photos

CAN NOT be used with accumulator tank

Corrosion Resistant Materials

Meets ISO 8846 (Ignition protection)

Motor Permanent Magnet, Ball Bearing

Pump Three chamber diaphragm design

Totally Enclosed CE Models are fully suppressed.

Includes a Flojet Strainer Model # 01740300

Includes Fittings

2 Pump Port x ½” Male Qest Straight Part # 20381000

1 Pump Port x ½” Hose Barb Straight Part # 20381002

1 Pump Port x ½” Hose Barb 90deg Elbow Part # 20381009

CAUTION: Pump surface will get hot to the touch if operated for extended periods of time under pressurized conditions. Pump will shut off to cool down.


Step 1: Remove shipping plugs from pump ports. Some water from factory testing may spill out.

Step 2: Connect fitting supplied with the pump the the RV’s plumbing. Use ½” I.D. Flexible hose as shown. Use hose clamps on the slip-on barb hose connectors.

Step 3: Slide rubber mounts fully into mounting tracks.

Step 4: Mount plumbing vertically, with the pump head down or horizontally in an accessible location. If mounting vertically, motor up, attach mounts first then pump head mounts, while supporting weight of pump.

Step 5: Install inlet A and Discharge B port connectors. Firmly push clips C forward to lock port connectors in place.

Step 6: Install a Flojet Strainer in an accessible location (for cleaning and inspecting) before the pump between the tank and the water pump. This strainer or equivalent is required for pump warranty to be valid.


12 volt ONLY 110/115/220 volt such as in a house or generator will damage the unit

Step 1: Use 14 gauge stranded wire to 20', 12 gauge to 50' from power source.

Step 2: Use a 10-15 amp rated on-off switch on the (+) positive (red) motor lead.

Step 3: Install a 10 amp fuse protection on the positive lead.

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