Class A Customs Fold Down Camper Latch and Catch for Pop-up Campers and Snowmobile Trailers are now available in
Stainless Steel
Black, Tan or White Powder Coated
All colors are available in Locking Style and Non-Locking Style

Locking style allows for use with a padlock (Padlock not included)

Installation Help
Clean your unit prior to installing item, remove any old sealants and residue.

Check location placement for sufficient clearance and range of motion needed to use latch.
Hand hold item on your unit where desired and mark the screw holes with grease pencil. Use a level to assure the latch and catch are straight.
Do NOT drill any holes in your unit until you have measured and tested the placing of the catch.
Proper framing and support is recommended.

When using gaskets or sealants behind product, keep uniform thickness around perimeter.

Secure product using correct screws (recommended #6 or #8 pan head) verify wall thickness before inserting screws.

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