CLASS A CUSTOMS BLACK WASTE TANK: Used for Human Waste OR Gray Water - DO NOT use for fresh or drinking water  -  3” ABS Female Pipe - outlet can not be moved

CLASS A CUSTOMS GRAY WASTE TANK: Used for Gray Water ONLY - DO NOT use for fresh or drinking water OR Human Waste - 1.5" ABS Female Pipe - outlet can not be moved
Due to the smaller outlet this tank is for dirty water from shower, handwashing, dish-washing

MADE WITH Recycled Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) Resin
SEAMLESS One piece construction, no seams to burst
RESISTANT Stain, Corrosion and Rust Resistant Tanks are made in a warehouse light scratching, scuffs, dust, and outlet glue may be present on tanks and does not affect performance of tank.

OEM PART No retail box - no install instructions Have a certified technician install all parts to prevent product damage and personal injury

INSTALLED OUTLET BLACK TANKS - 3” ABS Female Pipe - outlet can not be moved

INSTALLED OUTLET GRAY TANKS - 1.5" ABS Female Pipe - outlet can not be moved Do Not over-tighten fittings damage will occur.

Dump valves do not hook directly to the 3" ABS fitting, from the outlet run PVC or ABS piping to the outside of the trailer, a dump valve is added to the piping. We do not sell glues, examples

Black Water Tanks only come with the outlet the end user will determine where the inlet and vent will need to be placed and install.

Grommet or Uniseal will secure inlet/vent pipe with no adhesives needed. Use correct size hole saw bit in order to drill a hole in the tank and place Grommet or Uniseal in hole, piping is then placed in fitting with no glues or adhesives necessary.

Included are a few short videos displaying the grommet installation process.

Examples of Items to Vent Tanks

We do not sell these products they can be found online,

We are not aware of how to install the plumbing for these items.

Straight, Black Plastic Tank Vent

RV Monitor Panels allow you to monitor the amount of water in your water tanks and the battery power level. Typically only one monitor panel is needed per vehicle/unit.
KIB 2 Tank Monitor Panel allows for 2 tanks to be monitored
KIB 3 Tank Monitor Panel allows for 3 tanks to be monitored

4 Probes per tank needed

Brace tank to prevent tank from moving during transit
Do Not hang by ratchet strap, this is too thin and will not adequately support tank.
Do Not place weight on tank, if you need to stack the tanks you will need a weight bearing shelf between them.
Due to the variety of installations we do not carry brackets or bracing systems.

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