Blank Tanks
Blank Tanks mean no fittings are installed in tank. You will need to verify the lead time on Blank Tanks as we spin the fittings into our tanks as soon as they are made.
If we are currently making a tank we can get you a Blank Tank very quickly, shipping the next business day, however, if we are not currently making a tank it can take up-to several weeks to get a tank.
You can call or use the contact us form to ask about lead times on the Blank Tank you are needing.

When ordering a Blank Tank place the tank(s) you are needing in your cart and at check-out in Customer Comments specify what tanks are to be Blank:
Part # is a BLANK TANK
All Tanks Are BLANK

How To Order On
  • Place item(s) in cart
  • You will be taken to the Shopping Cart Page
  • Select "Proceed to Checkout" (located on Right Side of Page)
  • Do not use auto-fill, this can create errors.
  • Fill-out the Email, this is to email your Order Confirmation and Shipping Details (you do not have to create an account but if you want to see the order later you will need an account)
  • Fill-out the Shipping Methods Address Information - We will not change the shipping address on the order.
  • Must Be Selected "Check Box I have read and agree to the 30 Day Return Policy and 14 Day Damaged/Missing Item Policy."
  • Select "Proceed to Shipping Calculation"
  • Select Shipping Method
  • For Local Pick-up: the last choice is "In-Store Pickup" -- Select "Display Locations" and Choose "Class A Customs" Pick-up Times are Monday - Thursday 9am - 3pm EST and Friday 9am - noon EST
  • Select "Proceed to Payment Information"
  • Do not use auto-fill, this can create errors.
  • Payment with credit card -  Address must be complete and match what you have registered with your credit card/bank.
  • Payment with PayPal - We do not see your PayPal Billing Address, therefore you can use this to have items shipped to any location you like. The Shipping Address on the order page of must be the same as the Shipping Address you put on the PayPal payment.
  • We will not change the address on the order, order will be cancelled and you will need to order again with the correct address.
  • Customer Comments Section
    EXAMPLE: Part # is a BLANK TANK
  • EXAMPLE: Place Membrane on Roll (this is for local pick-up only)
  • We will not change a shipping address even when noted in customer comments section.

Where are your tank made?
Class A Customs is located in Elkhart, Indiana USA, we make all of our tanks here on location, we do not have any other locations and we do not have any distributors.

What can your tanks be used for?
The Fresh/Gray tanks (white in color) can be used for Fresh or Drinking Water. These can be used in a multitude of applications from RVs, Food Vendors, extra water storage such as Tiny Houses and Overlanding. They can be placed inside or outside but will need to be braced and secured.

The Black/Gray tanks (black in color) are to be used for waste water only, do not use these for fresh or drinking water.

Do you have a list of what vehicles your tank fits into?
Do you know if other people have used this tank for_____?
We do not have a list of vehicles, uses or projects people have done with our tanks, please compare the specs of the tank with your application and determine if tank will fit your needs. Check with online groups that have your same vehicle to see where they have found tanks

What are your tanks made from?
Fresh/Gray Water Tanks & fittings made from DOW NSF International NSF/ANSI Std 61 approved Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) Resin this is an NSF Certified Material
Waste Tanks are made from the same material except it is recycled, this means we can not verify all the contaminants that could be in it so Gray or Waste Water use only.
Material cleans easily and glues do not stick to this material. Stain, Corrosion and Rust Resistant.

Complies with:
U.S. FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 (c)3.1a
Canadian HPFB No Objection
Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
EU, 10/2011
NSF International NSF/ANSI Std 61 (sec 4 & 5)

Do you use BPA in or on the tanks?
Class A Customs does not carry this chemical nor uses it in the manufacturing process in any way.

Can the tank sit in the sun?
Yes, the tanks are UV-8 Stabilization, however this is not an algae or mold prevention. You will need to keep your tank clean and sanitized.

Will the tank material handle ___________ chemical?
Fresh/Gray Water Tanks & fittings made from DOW NSF International NSF/ANSI Std 61 approved Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) Resin and are to be used for Fresh or Gray Water only. We are not aware if the tanks can withstand placing other chemicals onto the tank such as spray foams, paints, adhesives. You would need to verify this information.

Can I pressurize your tanks?
No, all tanks Class A Customs manufactures must be vented (allow air in/out during use), Plumbing Example and Fill Dishes

How this is the tank?
Do they have seams that could leak?
Average tank thickness: .219 or 7/32" thick (just under 1/4")
All Class A Customs Water Tanks are one-piece seamless construction.

What side do the tanks sit on?
The tank can be placed on any side but must be braced and secured.

Can I stack the water tanks on top of each other?
Can I put weight on the tanks?

No, do not place anything on the tanks, if you need to stack the tanks you will need a weight bearing shelf between them.

Why is there no NSF logo in the tank?
Class A Customs was required to remove the NSF logo from all water tanks in June 2020, the tanks continue to be made from the same NSF Certified Materials, built in the same way, built on the same machines, and built in the same building here at Class A Customs. The NSF Company does not allow for end users of NSF Certified Materials to use the NSF logo unless each kind of item that is produced has a certification paid for each year. This would mean every style of tank we make, even though they are made using the same NSF Certified Materials, made in the same process, made on the same machine, we would need to pay to use the logo on each item every year.

All of Class A Customs Fresh/Gray water tanks are manufactured using DOW NSF International NSF/ANSI Std 61 approved Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) Resin Because Class A Customs was verified to used and continues to use NSF Certified Materials to build our tanks we are allow to link directly to the NSF website materials page and are allowed to state the tanks are made from NSF Certified Materials.

The NSF associate Class A Customs was contacted by and worked with was;
Antonio Acree
Quality Representative, Quality & Compliance
[email protected]

NSF International |
789 N. Dixboro Road, Ann Arbor, MI, 48105, U.S.A

Your inspector can validate this information with NSF by contacting them directly.
Ask your local Health Department to provide you with a list of water tank manufacturers that have the NSF logo built into the water tank.

Can I get an NSF logo on my tank?
No. Customer say they will pay to have the logo in a tank however, this would require a mold change, an inspection fee for the specific tank and a yearly inspection fee due to the mold of the tank being changed.

Food Vendors Before you build or modify ----- verify rules and regulations.
Codes vary by local health departments, not state.
We are not aware of the codes or rules. We are not aware of what tanks or items you need.
  • Ask your local Health Department to provide you with a list of water tank manufacturers that have the NSF logo built into the water tank.
  • Forward the documents and tank information provided on the Class A Customs website to your local health department before purchasing to be sure these tanks will pass your local inspection, this is your responsibility.
  • Class A Customs NSF Letter this letter has all fresh/gray tank sizes, part #'s, measurements and fittings, along with material tank is made from.


Lester Balicki

Date 6/11/2023

Please provide a price on the following potable water tank for a boat. No fittings I live in CT. What would shipping be also. W 66” OD D 24” OD H 20” OD Wall thickness .5” Thank you

Customer Service

Date 6/29/2023

We can make a custom tank however due to the cost of a mold ($9,000 and over) and needing to buy a larger qty of tanks most customers needing only a few tanks find it better to use a tank we already manufacture. You can fill out our new Water Tank Build to get a quote. This information is above in this post.

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