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9.5 foot Wide RV Rubber Roof Sure-flex PVC - Membrane Only

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Sure-flex PVC Roofing Membrane
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Features & Specifications Sure-Flex Roofing Membrane

This is the newest Technology in RV roofing. It’s high level of flexibility, strength, durability and resistance to UV rays, as well as chemicals, make it a natural choice for RV roofs. PVC roofing systems not only reflect sunlight and solar energy, but they extend the useful life of the roof while helping to keep interiors cooler. This membrane meets the high standards for RV roofing. Unlike stationary buildings, RV membranes must withstand extreme environments including subtle flexing and torsion of the chassis or frame during travel. This product passed all the tests with flying colors. It has enough flexibility to work well in most any RV installation.

PVC roofing is a more superior product than TPO and EPDM.

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