71111A-C Heng's 14
71111-C Heng's 14" Standard RV Roof

71111A-C Heng's 14" Standard RV Roof Vent w/ White Wedge Lid

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Heng's New Design RV Roof Vent
Part Number: 71111A-C
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Aerodynamic Design Lid Color White
Screen Removable, strong, fine mesh screen
Low Profile Plastic Manual Crank

Rough Cut-out Opening Dimensions (this is the hole you will need in your roof) 14.5” X 14.5”
Roof Flange Galvanized Steel with Mill Finish

Exterior Mounting Flange Dimensions (sits on the top of your unit) 16.5” X 16.5”
WARNING **** All Vent Metal Flanges are VERY SHARP use caution when touching **** WARNING

Available Inside Garnish Shroud Sizes 1" / 3" / 4" / 5" / 6" Vertical Leg (How far up into your ceiling it goes)

1.25” Wide Mounting Flange (trim you see inside on the roof)
Color White

No Mounting Hardware

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