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17" Atwood Wedgewood Piezo Oven Range Stove Vision Series - Black

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Wedgewood Open Burner

LP Gas

17" Model

Surface Color: Black

Door Color Type: Black

3 Open Burners

Rolled Metal Grate

Piezo Ignition - This is an upgrade on this model.

Gas Extension Connection - This is an upgrade on this model.

Atwood and Wedgewood 3-burner ranges feature one 9,000 BTU burner and two 6,500 BTU burners. The upscale line of Atwood ranges also boasts sealed burners and a residential style stamped grate.

Atwood ranges feature the control panel with an indentation on each side, eliminating the need to notch the cabinet top.


Have the installer or dealer show you where the main gas shut off valve is located so that you will know how and where to turn off the gas supply when necessary.

Do Not use cooking appliance for space heating. lt is a potential danger to occupants of vehicle and damage to operating components of the range/cooktop.

A window or air vent should be open slightly while using any cooking appliance. Gas flames consume oxygen which must be replaced to assure proper combustion.

Shut off all gas appliances and pilot lights when refueling gasoline tanks, LP tanks or when vehicle is in motion

Note: In most cases, dimensions are rounded to 1/8”. Drawings and dimensions subject to change without notice.

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