16 Gallon Fresh / Gray Water Holding Tank
16 Gallon Fresh / Gray Water Holding Tank

16 Gallon Fresh / Gray Water Holding Tank

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MADE IN USA Class A Customs manufactures these tanks and is located in Elkhart, Indiana

FRESH / DRINKING WATER SAFE great for rvs, food vendors and extra water storage

BPA FREE Class A Customs does not carry this chemical nor uses it in the manufacturing process

NSF CERTIFIED MATERIALS Tank & fittings made from DOW NSF International NSF/ANSI Std 61 approved Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) Resin
UV-8 Stabilization

Complies with:
U.S. FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 (c)3.1a
Canadian HPFB No Objection
Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
EU, 10/2011
NSF International NSF/ANSI Std 61 (sec 4 & 5)

NON-PRESSURIZED TANK all tanks we carry must be vented, Plumbing Example
FRESH OR GRAY WATER USE ideal for rvs, food vendors and extra water storage
SEAMLESS One-piece seamless construction, no seams to burst
ROTATABLE tank can be placed on any side
RESISTANT Stain, Corrosion and Rust Resistant
COLOR Creamy White in color so you can see waterline through tank
MADE FROM Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) Resin - glues do not stick to this material and easily cleaned.

OEM PART No retail box - no install instructions
Have a certified technician install all parts to prevent product damage and personal injury
Helpful information & answers to common questions can be found on the Water Tank Helps Page

You must verify requirements with health department where inspection will be made before purchasing.
Verify Requirements on Fresh Water Tank, Gray Water Tank, fittings, drainage, and mounting placement.
Tanks Do Not have the NSF logo in them due to NSF fee changes, paperwork on NSF material provided.

Sanitize each tank prior to use to remove any debris from the manufacturing process
Tanks are made in a warehouse, wipe with a damp cloth to remove surface dust or scuffs

Non-Pressurized Tank all tanks we carry must be vented allowing air in and out when in use, Plumbing Example
Do Not hook a garden hose directly to tank damage will occur, it is recommended to use a fill dish or other gravity process
Do Not over-tighten fittings as damage will occur.
It is recommended to use plastic NPT male fittings with plastic female NPT fittings to avoid damaging the threads, metal thread fittings can crush the plastic threads.
Very little, if any, pipe thread tape is needed using too much pipe tape will damage the threads. We do not recommend pipe dope as you can not remove the fitting later, if used be sure to use a food safe brand.

We carry fill dishes, food grade fill hose and some fittings in Plumbing Category
What plumbing items you will need will vary by application. We are not aware of how to run your plumbing or what items you will need please view our Water Tank Help Page

Tank can be placed on any side.
Place tank on level surface and brace to prevent tank from moving during transit.
Tank needs to be adequately supported, examples on the Water Tank Helps Page
Do Not hang by ratchet straps, this is too thin and will not adequately support tank.
Do Not place weight on tank, if you need to stack the tanks you will need a weight bearing shelf between them.

Manufacturer warranty covers manufacturer defect on manufacturer installed fittings and tank.
Using this tank for any purpose other than fresh or gray water storage will void any/all warranty
Do Not use tanks for sewage or fuel

Tank Measurements +/- .25" on each measurement due to manufacturing process
26” does not include fittings x 9” x 16” (rotate tank to change height or width)
Average thickness 7/32” +/-

Installed Fittings See Photos
Two) 1.5" Female NPT Fitting - fitting is sealed to use remove membrane with razor knife
Two) .5" Female NPT Fitting - fitting is open

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