1.375' Food Grade Water Hose 5 FOOT LENGTH

1.375" Food Grade Water Hose 5 FOOT LENGTH

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Can be used for Gravity Dishes and Gray Fitting
Part Number: 138-HOSE-5FT
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Purchase Qty 1 = 5 Foot hose section
Comes in 25 foot sections.

Diameter 1.375" ID

Food Grade Flexible Hose
Hose has ribbed outside for strength and smooth inside for smooth water flow
Hose color may differ from picture. All fresh water hose that we sell, no matter the color, is FDA approved and made to the same specs.

1.375" hose can be used with the fill dishes and the Loose Fitting / Fixture - 1.5" Thread x 1.25" Hose Barb Fitting - Gray
1.375" hose can not be used with spouts on tanks.

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